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The reason we have now decided to include a Buyer Beware page on our Site is to inform the public of what is happening to the Amstaff breed in Australia and to let you know that the situation at hand is very serious and spiraling out of control at an alarming rate.
It is of great concern not only to myself but also for many other ethical Amstaff breeders throughout Australia. If you have recently been looking through the Dog's For Sale section in the local or interstate papers and visiting Web Sites you will understand some of the problems our breed is facing from unethical breeders. We could see for the Novice that was looking to buy a pup that it would be an absolute nightmare to know what is an Amstaff and what is not, what is correct and what is not. Am I getting ripped off, or who can I trust?

There are too many people starting to breed and for all the wrong reasons - trying to make a fast dollar is the main one.
At Amstafomine, we strongly believe that the Survival of the American Staffordshire Terrier Breed within Australia now rests in the hands of their future owners. Unethical breeders/puppy farmers will ALWAYS be around as long as there is a dollar to be made and people continue buying from them. These "breeders" are not concerned about the Amstaffs well-being, they are only concerned about who they can sell a pup to!

We cannot emphasize enough that you should be putting as much thought into choosing the breeder of your new pup, as you do choosing your pup. Selecting, buying and taking home your new puppy should be a happy occasion, something you and your children can look back on and cherish for the rest of your life, and hopefully not something you will regret for the rest of your life as what has been the case for so many people lately. By making you aware of some of these so-called "breeders", maybe we can help bring a bit of sanity back into looking for and selecting that very special puppy, to make it an enjoyable experience for you, not a nightmare !


Do your homework. Ask breed clubs for as much information as possible who are REPUTABLE breeders

Breed Clubs 

ASTC Victoria

ASTC New South Wales

ASTC Queensland






Amstaff  Red Nose, Sorrells, Jeep, Bullyson and Reid's are "NOT" I repeat , are "NOT" American Staffordshire Terrier bloodlines.



Don't ever be fooled by someone who's trying to tell you that one colour is rarer than another, and one colour is more expensive to buy than another.  The Blue Amstaff is as common as any other colour, and please remember a colour is only cosmetic whether it be BLUE , Black, Red ,White, Fawn, Seal or any other colour, it has NO bearing on the dogs Temperament, Health or Conformation which are so much more important.

A reputable breeder does NOT breed for colour. When looking at websites, this should give you some indication as to whether the "breeder" is all about breeding for the betterment of the breed or just to make a quick buck & breeding for colour alone !!




We were sickened to see people trying to install aggressive behaviour into the Amstaff. Aggression toward humans has been bred out of the Staff over decades of selective breeding. That's what makes him one of the most trustworthy and greatest of all family dogs. An Amstaff will naturally protect his family and property,they do not need aggression installed back into them. The American Staff's breed Standard states "His Courage is Proverbial",.... Please, Please never mistake Aggression as Courage, there is NO similarity, and aggression often only mask's insecurity. The ideal Amstaff should appear supremely confident in all situations and no excuses can be made for a specimen that lacks this quality.



Would you put a deposit down on a House or Car without seeing them? So why do people put a deposit on a pup before they are even born?. You are not be able to see which direction a pup is going to take until they are at least around 3-4 weeks of age, and choosing a pup is a decision that you should not be rushed into. Your new family member may be with you for the next 15 years so you want to make sure the pup you are interested in is definitely what you are looking for and suits your family and lifestyle. Some pups are more active than others, some pups are more dominant than others, some pups are more laid back than others, you cannot see what pup is showing what characteristics until at least 4 weeks of age.The last thing i would ever want for one of my pup's is for a person to be rushed into buying one and it end up being something they did not want, with the end result being the pup then passed from home to home and more than likely end up in a pound !!



The American Staffordshire Terrier is a Medium sized dog , NOT a large one, and should be possessed of great strength for his size. He is a Balance of power and agility , a Balance of Bull and Terrier. If you Increase his size, you will decrease his agility to the detriment of his balance. They are not supposed to have MASSIVE heads nor be a huge  dog with heavy lips that hang.  Please read the AST Standard and this is what the reputable breeder breeds towards. https://www.amstafomine.com/breedstandard.htm



Please!.. we cannot stress enough, when searching for your pup to look around and compare. Talk to other breeders and contact Breed Clubs. Ask questions. The best places to visit are Conformation Dog Show's. That's what they are there for. They were originally started to show-case purebred dog breeds to the public.


Give the Amstaff Club in your State a ring and see when they are running a show or holding a Fun Day. These events are great & you will see lot's of Staff's and meet load's of people with the same interest who are as passionate about the Amstaff as you are, and have a genuine concern about the breed and it's future within Australia.

Don't just buy from the first breeders you come across in the paper just because they have pups ready to go. Some "breeders" will ALWAYS have pup's ready to go & more coming!  Be aware there are just as many Cowboy's in this business as any other. Don't be talked into something you don't want, they will say and do anything to win your dollar.

The first thing you should ask any breeder is "How many litters do you breed a year?" 

If the answer is more than 1 or 2 you've got to ask yourself WHY?

Do you health test and what for? Can you show me those results? (If the dog & bitch have been health tested they will have their own paperwork with their pedigree name on it)

Ask other breeders who they could recommend.

Todays Amstaffs should be health tested for the minimum of Ataxia, hips & elbows. 

Do your homework !!!



 Health Problems in the Amstaff

The Amstaff unfortunately can have many serious health problems. One of the major ones is the CRIPPLING disease called Hip Dysplasia. You will soon find the ethical breeders, they are the one's with the best intentions for the breed in mind, are testing their stock prior to breeding, for any health problem . If you are interested in purchasing a pup from an ethical breeder they will be happy to show you the results of testing if requested. Never be afraid to ask.

One of the first question's you should ALWAYS ask a breeder is DO THEY HEALTH TEST THEIR BREEDING STOCK for problems such as Hip and Elbow Dysplasia & Ataxia. If the reply is no, or they dont do any testing because their dogs don't suffer from any problems,... then please, politely just hang-up & walk away ! There are many other breeders around who do health tests and you may save yourself and your family much heartache and some very expensive vet bills in the future.

We cannot emphasize enough that you MUST make sure your Amstaff pup will be sold with Australian National Kennel Council (A.N.K.C) Pedigree Papers either on a Main or Limited Registration and also make sure your pup will be Micro chipped. Under NO circumstances accept anything less. One of the main reason's you should do this, is due to the Amstaffs close resemblance to a Restricted breed in which it is often mistaken for. Your Amstaff can be seized by Canine Control Sheriffs and may be destroyed if you cannot prove that it is an AmStaff ! so, having that Paperwork and Microchip is Critical ! Some people will try to save a few dollars by purchasing a cheap pup from a Backyard Breeder and not get Papers or a Micro chip, but believe me they regret it when Shire/Council officer's come knocking at their door!

Thanks for taking time to read through our Buyer Beware page. We will continue to add useful information so please call back soon. We hope you will now be a little bit more educated about the Amstaff, and a lot more wiser to some of the "Wolves"  that are breeding our beloved breed.

If you can learn something from us and use it for the good and well-being of the American Staffordshire Terrier and it's future within Australia, then we feel that we have been able to give a little something back to the breed that has given so much to us.

We are sure that if you do your research and choose your breeder wisely, your new Amstaff will give you as much enjoyment, satisfaction with never ending devotion as what we have had from ours over the many years that we have been privileged to have them as part of our family.

Written by Runamuk Amstaffs / updated by Amstafomine Amstaffs



Ataxia is a horrific disease & is VERY real.

See it for yourself!



It is the dysfunction of the cerebrocerebellum presenting distrubances in carrying out voluntary movements which include accentuated tremours  involving the head, body & torso.


Ataxia is a hereditary disease, the pups require one copy of the gene from EACH parent to be AFFECTED.

A dog who is "Normal" Homozygous - has 2 Normal (Clear) genes & cannot pass an affected gene onto its offspring.

A dog who is -  "Heterozygous" - has 1 Normal (Clear) gene & one affected gene (Mutated) making this dog a "carrier" but will never be affected. However, this dog can pass the clear OR carrier gene onto its offspring & all BREEDING stock PRIOR to being bred MUST be tested for ATAXIA.  

A puppy from this mating will NOT develop the disease but can pass the CLEAR OR MUTATED gene onto its offspring. 

A dog who is Mutated Homozygous is an AFFECTED dog & has TWO copies of the defect & NO CLEAR genes.

ALL its offspring will receive ONE copy of the affected gene.


*    Clear X Clear = Clear                         (All offspring will be clear by parentage)


 *  Carrier X Clear = Clear / Carrier    (All BREEDING stock MUST be tested prior to breeding.

                                                                           Some stock WILL BE CARRIERS & some will be CLEARS but no offspring

                                                                            will ever have the disease)


 *  Carrier X Carrier = Clear / Carriers / Affected   (ALL OFFSPRING MUST BE TESTED PRIOR TO SALES)








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