Owned / Co-Owned


Australian Champion Nganjalu Breathless (aka Maddison 4.5 YRS)                           AMSTAFOMINE C N RED (aka Nallah 18mths)


 Amstafomine King Of Hearts (aka Cooper) 7 wks


 Amstafomine Full Throttle (aka Zulu) 8wks                                                                    Zulu at 7 wks

 Amstafomine Cotton Kisses (aka Katie) 12 wks


 Australian Champion Nganjalu Chainsaw (aka Chopper - bred by Amstafomine) 3 yrs





 Amstafomine Unforgiven (aka Judd) 7.5 wks             3 mths with his owner Zac                                  9 mths





 Amstafomine Ruffian Red (aka Rock) 18mths



 Amstafomine Simply Red (aka Zed) 9mths



 Amstafomine Redhot (aka Maestro) 8 mths


 Nganjalu Chances (aka Chance - bred by Amstafomine) 18mths



 Australian Champion Amstafomine Painthe Town Red (aka Teddy) 2 yrs




 Amstafomine Voodoo Doll Red (aka Grace) 18mths








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